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Firstmark in Association with Tyent based company is working towards excellence in the Medical Equipment space and believes in pursuing business through innovation and technology.

Our goal is to be a leader in the industry by providing enhanced products, services, relationship and profitability.

We strive to grow through creativity and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Our future looks bright as we continue developing a strong base of key customers and increasing the assets and investments of the company.

Since the last 10 years there has been a lot of research going on around the hydrogen gas. Scientific evidence supports on the theory of hydrogen being the potential solution of getting rid of many human diseases.

Thus, Tyent came up with a revolutionary product, ‘H- Rich Alkaline Water lonizer’ that supports the above theory and gives hydrogen rich alkaline, antioxidant mineral water.

It has decided to incorporate itself to promote this device which particularly focuses on infusion of more molecular hydrogen gas in water.

The detoxification nature of our water due to micro clustering nature and rich hydrogen takes care of the diseases like diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, liver Diseases, kidney disease, arthritis and even the dreadful disease like cancer.

Thus, protecting the health and promoting the wealth of mankind from the pollution by consuming the Healthy hydrogen rich alkaline water.

Manufacturer in Taiwan

Our manufacturer in Taiwan is the inventor of the 4th generation Direct Disc Technology who has conducted extensive research in the development of water ionization technology.

Design and manufacturing during its 30 years of successful operation.

Backed by a solid research and development experience and reliable support from our manufacturer, Tyent is able to offer product guaranteed of the highest quality and greatest in technology.


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