Drinking Tyent Water can improve your health in many ways.


Ionized Hydrogen rich alkaline Water Improves Digestive Health and promotes easy digestibility. Hydrogen stimulates gastric leptin and ghrelin. These are hormones that the body uses to regulate fat storage, energy, and a variety of other metabolic functions.

Skin Issues

Using hydrogen water has the potential to be a safe and effective measure in anti-ageing skin care. Alkaline water was shown to promote type-1 collagen synthesis and decrease destruction of keratin cells while reducing wrinkle formation.


Consumption of ionized alkaline water containing a high concentration of molecular hydrogen reduces oxidative stress and disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Respiratory Diseases

Ionized Hydrogen-enriched alkaline water eliminates fine particles from the lungs and blood by enhancing phagocytic activity.

Heart Problems

Drinking ionized hydrogen rich alkaline water is clinically proven as a prevention and remedy for cardiovascular diseases. Hydrogen significantly abate oxidative stress by suppress the inflammation and improve overall heart function.

Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Hydrogen water helps promote insulin resistance. This was demonstrated through a beneficial antioxidant effect, more effective lipid metabolism and the regulation of glucose levels.


Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, winner of the 1931 Nobel prize in physiology discovered the cause of cancer in 1923. "Cancer grows in Oxygen deprived ACIDIC tissue, Disease can't survive in an Alkaline body"


Alkaline water was proved to be effective against constipation, and most importantly its’ safety was verified. It is considered a departure for using medication. The effectiveness of hydrogen rich alkaline water is very high at 80.5% than normal packaged mineral water.

Increased Energy

Hydrogen rich alkaline water helps turn your cells into "an antioxidant factory". Dr. Perricone claim that drinking ionized hydrogen rich alkaline water can give you more energy, slow the aging process and even speed muscle recovery after a workout.

Promotes Weight Loss

Because of its ability to reverse the effects of oxidative stress on the body, drinking hydrogen water has been shown to stave off and reverse negative effects of metabolic symptoms. Ionized Hydrogen-rich alkaline water also decreases bad cholesterol and aid in controlled weight loss.

Radiant Skin

Spraying Hydrogen Water on your skin repairs damaged cells, reduces inflammation, and makes skin healthier. Alkaline Ionized Water helps to ensure that your skin looks hydrated. Alkaline Water is more easily absorbed, it helps your skin stay fresh, resulting in a healthier better-looking skin.

Faster Recovery Time After Exercise

Potent hydrogen molecules enter the mitochondria of every cell and help energize each cell from within. The difference in energy levels is palpable and has incredible potential for anyone taking part in sports, whether at a recreational or professional level.

Colon Cleanse

Colon are hormones that the body uses to regulate fat storage, energy, and other functions. Drinking Ionized hydrogen rich alkaline water helps in better hydration, gastrointestinal cleansing, improves digestion and assists with breaking down undesirable fat.

Green Cleaning

Wiping the area dry with a clean cloth after spraying with strong alkaline water can remove 99% of germs and bacteria. If you have a water ionizer powerful enough to produce acidic water at a 2.5 or lower pH, this water can kill most germs and bacteria on contact.

Free From Wax & Pesticides

Alkaline Turbo water helps break down and wash away oil-based pesticides and insecticides on produce.

Molecular Hydrogen - Selective Anti-oxidant

In an early research, scientific suggest that Hydrogen has therapeutic potential in over 170 human diseases, and essentially every organ of the human body. It reduces oxidative stress and improves redox homeostasis and provides anti-inflammatory,anti-allergy, and anti-apoptotic protective effects.

Sanitize Surfaces

Strong Acidic Water is regarded as an excellent disinfectant. In the food industry, it can be substituted for alcohol and hypo-chlorine sodium. In the medical-care industry, it is widely used for preventing infection within hospitals by disinfecting medical equipment.

Promotes Better, More Restful Sleep

Antioxidant-rich hydrogen water also helps to maintain an optimum pH balance. You lose fluids at night during your hours of sleep, so being properly hydrated helps to counter this.

Kidney Problems

Dr Kerijiroo explains that for severe kidney failure, water intake has to be restricted. However whereas ordinary tap water "contains phosphate, calcium carbonate and the acidic ions which reduce the efficiency of the calcium ions". Alkaline Ionic water will "strengthen the heart and increase urination."

Dental Health

Alkaline water has a basic pH, 100 times more alkaline than spring water. Alkaline water neutralizes the acid produced by bacteria, promoting stronger teeth and bones. It also stimulates saliva production, which also helps rid the mouth of excess bacteria.