What is Healthy Water?

Healthy water means water that is not only safe but it also has Mild Alkaline, Antioxidant, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Ageing, Anti Cancer, Anti Alcoholic, Anti Obesity, better hydrating and better detoxifying properties.

Healthy water means water that is not only safe but it also has Mild Alkaline, Antioxidant, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Ageing, Anti Cancer, Anti Alcoholic, Anti Obesity, better hydrating and better detoxifying properties.

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Selective Anti-oxidant Molecular Hydrogen Benefits.

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Why H-Rich?

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How does Water Ionizer makes healthy water?

Water Ionizer makes Healthy Water beneficial to human in long term through a process called Electrolysis. It is run in a state of art electrolysis chamber which contains electrodes made with quality precious metals-Titanium coated with pure Platinum on both sides. This imparts the below properties to normal water

H-RICH Water betters your overall health


Because of the hydrogen present in the H-Rich water which increases the adult neurogenesis, this may be used for improving depression and some mental disorders.


In an experiment with young athletes, drinking hydrogen water reduced lactic acid build-up during heavy exercise and decreased muscle fatigue.


Adding more hydrogen to water increases energy improves recovery after a workout and , making regular water look like a downright underachiever.


Hydrogen water can significantly reduce the fatty liver with type 2 diabetes and obesity as well as with a high–fat-diet-induced fatty liver.


Bathing in hydrogen water for 3 months significantly improved wrinkles in the skin in a human study. It also reduce the human skin cell damage from Ultraviolet (UV) rays.


Molecular hydrogen (H2) can protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage by selectively reducing reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Which Alkaline Water to Choose?

The main purpose of Alkaline Water Ionizer is Healthy water. If a water Ionizer makes more Active Hydrogen at higher pH like 10-11 pH, this will not influence health benefits as we don’t drink this water.

Advanced MLRD 4th Generation Technology patented flexible disk electrode design enable H-Rich Ionizers to make more concentration of active H2 at drinking levels. This (8.5,9,9.5 pH ) makes H-Rich alkaline water healthy than from other brands.

Watch H-Rich Water Ionizer In Action

Highlights of H-Rich Alkaline Water Ionizer

It is suitable for family of all size and it can make different types of household waters like, drinking water, cleaning water, water to make coffee, tea and soups, water to cook food, strong alkaline water to soak vegetables and fruits to remove rain resistant oil fertilizer contamination and insecticides, neutral water for baby care, beauty water and strong disinfectant water with best germ killing power.

Manufactured in Taiwan

Manufactured by Yi-Shan which is a very experienced company (Since 1981) and machines are sold all over the world.

4th Generation Patented Technology

Works on 4th Generation MLRD membrane less round disc technology which controls electrode scaling and calcification to great extent.

Higher Active Hydrogen

Special electrode gives the power to infuse high dissolved “Active Hydrogen Concentration” than conventional plate technology ionizer.

Optimum Power Usage

Uses Optimum power to ensure best ionization along with industry standard pH, Orp micro clustering. Less wattage of power ensures less burden and longer durability to electrode.

ISO and CE Certified

Both the Yi Shan the manufacturer and the authorised trader in India Medilight Health Care are certified by ISO and CE

Door Step Service & Support

Door step service and support for problems inside the machine during the warranty period in very quick time with the help of pan India dealer coverage.

Play Video Properties Of Alkaline Water and how it Prevents diseases

Dr. Srinivas talking about the alkaline, antioxidant and active detoxification properties of alkaline hydrogen water.


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” Laughing is Considered the best medicine for health and having H-Rich Along with laughter is the most deadly combination for Health.”


” H-Rich is one of the most revolutionary products in the Market for the best health “

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” The dark spots from my body tremendously reduced in a couple of months of having H-Rich water. No cream, no oil could what H-Rich did. “


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