NMP 11 Series

NMP 11 Plate

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  • Dimension(mm)
  • Weight(kg)
  • Plates
  • Price
  • Water ionizer
  • 300(W) x 135(D) x 355(H)
  • 5.2
  • 11
  • ₹ 2,48,000

About alkaline water

Water that has been purified through the filter next undergoes electrolysis in the electrolyzer, and acidic anion components such as chlorine, sulfate, nitrate ions, etc. are collected in the positive pole to form acidic ionized water, creating oxygen in the process. Meanwhile, in the negative pole, alkaline positive ion components such as calcium, magnesium, sodium ions, etc. gather to form alkaline ionized water and generates hydrogen.

Water with rich minerals

Alkaline water contains rich minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Smaller clusters

The particles of this water is about 1/3 smaller than ordinary water and are thus able to permeate deep into the human body, quickly removing waste matter out of the body.

Water which has high reductive powers

Alkaline ionized water has high reductive powers, and has anti-oxidant power because it contains abundant amounts of active hydrogen which removes active oxygen, which is the source of an array of diseases.

Alkaline water

Alkaline water is alkaline water from pH 8.5 to 10.



Convenient ONE-TOUCH electronic -type water discharging structure.

Chrome decorative pointModern and stylish design

Stylish design with chrome decoration and soft round square shapes.

46cm flexible water outlet tube

Water can be generated to the desired angle and direction.

Fixed quantity discharge function

It generates desired amount of water by convince operation.

Simple Filter Replacement

Anyone can replace the filter easily.

A convenient open &close method

Our sliding door opening system allows anyone to operate the machine with ease.


Control panel designed for convenient use

ONE TOUCH system

Each function selection is ionized, and you can outflow and stop the desired water with one touch button.

Color backlight function

It distinguishes alkali water and acid water with the color of backlight.

2way Control method

Various convenience functions

Fixed quantity discharge function

You can drink the fixed amount of water which uses a lot in our everyday lives such as 0.5L, 1.0L and 1.5L via Fixed quantity discharge function.

TYENT's Technological Prowes

Equipped with the most powerful turbo engine SMPS(10A)

* Increased Electrolytic efficiency & safety!

* EU CE Safety Management System CLASS2

* Strengthening of double insulation system electric safety standard

Generating of Alkaline water starts with a stable power supply

By applying the Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)method, the AC Line frequency. (50Hz~60Hz) is converted into DC, changing it into a high frequency for use.

Changes in the output voltage in correlation to changes in the input power

Because the input exchange voltage is changed into a high dc voltage and controlled at a high- frequency, no changes occur in the output voltage.

Stable power supply

The supply of electrical power remains consistent even during continual use, thus maintaining optimal performance.

Electrical safety

In case of over current or over voltage, it automatically cuts off the supply of electricity to the inside of the product.

ROUND MESH Electrolyzer

Electrolyzer is most important part in water ionizer. The difference of the surface treatment determines the electrolysis efficiency.

01. A platinum coated titanium mesh covers

Round-edge type for considering the characteristics of the electricity.

02. Dualization of water inlet in electrolyzer

Prevention of internal pressure in electrolyzer and improvement of electrolysis effectiveness. Stable water outflow for alkaline water and acid water.

03. Thread Mounted Types

Improvement of the precision between electrode and membrane structure.

Self-diagnosis safety functions

Automatic Stop Function

Water outflow will stop to prevent overflow or flooding. there is no need to wait if the unit automatically shuts off. You can resume its use immediately.

Temperature sensor

This unit is equipped with a temperature sensor which prevents the accidental inflow of hot water.

Sensing function of supplied raw water

The outflow of functional water stops automatically when raw water is not supplied, preventing the electrolytic cell and power supply unit from being damaged due to current overflow, water from being wasted and accidental water leaks.

Detects if filter door is open

When door is open, the water supply will be suspended for your safety.



2-filter system makes clean water with abundant minerals and removes harmful substances.


Pretreatment filtration function for filtering various precipitates contained in raw water.

Carbon Block

Activated carbon was made into a block form has a larger surface area than particle-type activated carbon. It has a very high adsorption rate. It works to filter residual chlorine, organic compounds and heavy metals by activated adsorption method.

Calcium sulfite

Removes residual chlorine completely by oxidation-reduction reaction.

TM Ceramics

The ceramics were made by mixing the high-emissivity far-infrared minerals containing potassium (k), sodium (Na) and calcium (Ca) with TM and TM-X stock solutions. These multifunctional ceramics have antioxidant, antimicrobial and far infrared radiation.


Many fine pores on the filter surface remove contaminants from the water. It removes bad elements such as bacteria viruses and particulates, but does not remove substances that are beneficial to our body, such as minerals.

Open and close type door & simple filter replacement system

A simple filter replacement system along with one-touch Filter Usage Initialization Setting System makes filter management easy for any one.